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A job-related injury or illness can greatly disrupt your life. The law office of Wellman, Hackett, & Skoufatos, Co., LPA in Canfield, Ohio has been helping injured workers with the legal challenges of pursuing a workers’ compensation claim. Backed by 137 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys are committed to fighting for the maximum benefits available.

Trusted legal counsel for claims

Ohio’s workers’ compensation system can be confusing and mistakes made during the claims process can lead to reduced or denied benefits. Our attorneys guide you through all essential steps, including:

  • Seeking medical attention — Prompt treatment after an accident or disease is important not only for health reasons but also to establish eligibility for benefits. Injured employees may seek treatment with any medical provider certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (OBWC).
  • Notifying your employer —We help compose a statement that puts your employer on notice of the circumstances surrounding your occupational accident or disease.
  • Filing a claim — You must file a First Report of Injury Occupational Disease or Death (FROI) with the OBWC within two years of a job-related injury or appearance of an occupational disease. Our attorneys assist in preparing the report and obtaining the necessary supporting materials.
  • Proving entitlement to benefits — We fully investigate and document your claim in order to build a solid evidentiary foundation and to maximize the damages recoverable.
  • Appealing disallowed claims — If benefits are denied or are inadequate, we can represent you in your appeals to the Ohio Industrial Commission and, if necessary, the Court of Common Pleas.

We make sure the proper actions are taken to set your claim off on the right foot and to place it on winning track.

Reputable law firm strives to ease your financial burdens

If you have suffered workplace injury or illness that reduces your wage earning capacity, we can assist you in petitioning for these benefits:

  • Working wage loss payments — These are available to an injured worker who returns to the workforce but puts in fewer hours and earns less pay due to medical restrictions.
  • Non-working wage loss payments — Injured workers who are medically released but can’t find gainful employment suited to their capabilities may be eligible.
  • Vocational rehabilitation — Ohio offers job training/retraining programs to people who struggle to find work while hampered by a disability.
  • Permanent disability benefits — These are lifetime payments to workers with medical conditions that permanently prevent them from earning a living.

Our firm will help you secure the wage loss benefits and educational resources you deserve.

Compassionate legal support for survivors

When a worker passes away from a work-related injury or illness, his or her surviving spouse, dependent children and parents may be able to receive death benefits such as funeral expenses and a portion of the deceased’s wages. We assist in pursuing such claims, which must be filed within two years of the worker’s date of death.

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